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Ronchik's Chocolate Balls

Ron Yehudai Z"L

Ron, affectionately known as Ronchik, was a special child, full of joy for life. He loved parties and was surrounded by friends. Ron (joy in Hebrew) was, as his name suggests, a cheerful person, beloved by all, a child of joy and love, with a smile that never faded and will remain with us forever. Ron played football until the age of 18, when he joined the army and decided to retire for military service. 

He was a devoted fan of Beitar Jerusalem, cutting short a big trip to South America for a championship game in Thessaloniki. Upon returning from the game, Ron started working with his mother Sigal in the company where she worked. They had the opportunity to work together for a month and a half, to have lunch together, and to meet.

Ron was murdered at a party in Nova on the7th October, to which he went with his friends. Ron was the only one among his eight friends who was murdered at the party.

He left behind parents and two brothers.


Ron's friends loved the chocolate balls, and they eagerly awaited them every Friday when Ron's mother, Sigal, would prepare them.

The story of
Ron Yehudai Z"L
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1 pack Petit Beurre biscuits

250 ml Double cream

100 gram Dark chocolate

1 teaspoon Vanilla extract

Coconut flakes


Crush the Petit Beurre biscuits.

Melt the chocolate together with the double cream and vanilla extract.

Add the ingredients to the crushed biscuits.

Form balls and roll them in coconut flakes.

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