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Alexander Shimon Tzvi (Shonyi)

Alexander Shimon Tzvi (Shonyi) Weingarten was killed in battle in defense of the Kastel outpost on the road to Jerusalem in Israel’s war of independence on the 28th of Adar Bet, (08.04.1948) just shy of 24 years old.   Shonyi came to Israel less than a year prior, from Hungary, having survived Nazi occupation, labor camps and an execution attempt.

His family says that Shonyi’s story was hidden from them during their childhood and was revealed to them only a few years ago.  Shonyi saved many lives during the Holocaust and survived himself through courage and miracles.  He was killed in his new country, Israel, to which he had only just arrived, and did not manage to plant roots and establish a family of his own.  The time has come to tell his unique story and provide him with a personal memorial.

The story of
Alexander Shimon Tzvi (Shonyi)


• Cut the vegetables into cubes or small pieces and place in bowl.

• Cut the onion in small pieces, and sauté in oil.

• Add the cut vegetables, with high flame, gradually lowering to low flame, while adding salt and spices according to taste.

• Continue cooking on low flame, stirring and mixing. Check that vegetables’ juices are in the stew, such that no additional water is necessary.

• When the vegetables are cooked, pour 3-4 eggs on the stew and cook until they congeal.

• Taste, and add spices as needed.


4 peppers, mixed colors

5 tomatoes

3 zucchinis  / squash

1 large red onion

3-4 eggs

3-4 tablespoons of olive oil or other oil

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