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Yishai’s Pizza

Yishai Fitusi Z"L

Yishai was a soldier in the Golani 13th Brigade. He fell in battle in Nachal Oz on Black Sabbath of the Iron Swords War. Yishai was born in Gush Katif (now in Gaza) 21 years ago, and was turned out of his home as a child. 

He fought till the last bullet, close to the home he loved so much. Yishai was a special boy, blond hair and blue eyes, with a big smile that was always on his face. He knew how to love every person regardless of who they were, and it was always important to him that his surroundings were always united and happy.

The story of
Yishai Fitusi Z"L
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1kg flour

2 tablespoons of yeast

3 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon salt

3 ½ cups of lukewarm water

½ cup oil


Crushed tomatoes





Olive oil



Put all the dry ingredients for the dough in a bowl, then add the water and start kneading, adding the oil towards the end. After 10 minutes of kneading, set aside to rise and prepare the sauce. Fry the olive oil with the crushed garlic, then add crushed tomatoes and spices. Cook until the sauce thickens.

When the dough has risen, roll out the dough and add the sauce and any toppings, then bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees celsius for 15 minutes. Keep an eye on it as all ovens are different and some may need longer than others.

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