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Tomer Vegetable Salad

Tomer Araba Z"L

Tomer was a happy and happy child who was loved by everyone. He especially liked traveling and sports.

Tomer was murdered in his home in Nahal Oz on Black Shabbat, 7th October 2023. He was murdered as a hero like his mother, Dikla Araba, after they fought and did not agree to go to Gaza as a captive. He was 17 years old when he was murdered.

His uncle, Nir, talks about the choice of the dish: I chose this dish because it has everything Tomer liked.


The story of
Tomer Araba Z"L
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A bunch of parsley

Bunch of coriander

A handful of celery leaves

A handful of cranberries

A handful of coarsely chopped walnuts

Half a teaspoon of salt

A spoonful of date sugar

Juice from a whole lemon


Wash all the vegetables well and chop finely, in a bowl mix all the other ingredients.

It is recommended to leave a few minutes for all the flavors to form and absorb before eating.


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