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Sahar Saudin Z"L

Sahar was a officer in the Air Force’s anti-aircraft system, it was her dream and she worked hard to achieve it. Sahar never rested for a moment and loved to be active, to babysit, volunteer and bake for her family and friends and the children she babysat for.

Sahar had to be excellent in everything, even when it wasnt easy for her, and her recipes are like that – excellent and full of love

Sahar loved life – and life loved her. You could recognise her by her constant smile, her rolling laugh and her value of loving others.

Sahar served as a training officer in the 947th battalion of the Air Defense System. She interecepted dozens of missiles in defense of the country, before falling at the hands of terrorists on Black Shabbat, 7.10.23.

She was 21 when she fell, leaving behind her parents, three brothers and a sister.

Sahar really liked this dish, it is sweet and simple to prepare and she used to make it on the weekends she got home for the army, even though her time was short and she had lots of work.

The story of
Sahar Saudin Z"L
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3 cups flour

A glass of lukewarm water

1/3 olive oil

A spoonful of dry yeast

Half a teaspoon of salt

Nutella or any other spread

Sahar recommends kinder fingers as the filling


Put all the ingredients in a mixer with a kneading hook for about 7 minutes. Cover the dough until it doubles in volume (about an hour and a half). 

Divide the dough into 3 equal parts. Roll them on a floured work surface. Spread the spread you want on to it, then roll up and cut into small pieces. Put them in the (preheated) oven at 200 degrees for 8 minutes. 

When you take them out, sprinkle them with powdered sugar.

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