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Night Salad

Liran Almosnino L"Z

Liran (Babi) was a farmer, a sheep breeder, who loved the desert. He always helped everyone, and won them with his special personality, and always saw where it was possible to improve, produce and establish. He believed that nothing was impossible.

He was a loving husband to Efrat, and an amazing father to Guy, Peleg, Tena and Mater. He used to take his beloved children on field trips and teach them life skills.

Liran was killed on the Black Shabbat, 7th October 2023, when he fought bravely and saved dozens of families. He was 42 years old at the time of his death.

Liran's wife, Efrat, says that they would eat this salad together from the same bowl at the end of a long workday and talk about life or watch TV together.

The story of
Liran Almosnino L"Z
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1 lettuce

1 cucumber

1 tomato or a handful of cherry tomatoes

1 red pepper

1 can of tinned tuna

1 hard boiled egg

1 small onion

A handful of chopped parsley / coriander

You can add any other vegetable you like in the salad

You can add a block of shredded Bulgarian cheese


1. Chop and place everything in one large bowl.

2. Generously season with olive oil, salt, black pepper and a whole lemon.

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