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Gal's Pasta

Gal Mishaluf Z"L

Gal was a handsome lad with blue eyes, intelligent, calm, graceful, and funny. He was a passionate fan of Hapoel Tel Aviv in both football and basketball. Gal was a commander in the Tzabar Battalion in Giv'ati, always overseeing his soldiers eye to eye, fighting with them shoulder to shoulder, a true warrior. Gal grew up in Modi'in, the son of Tali and Nir, and the brother of Raz and Mika. He was killed in Gaza on 19.11.23, at the age of 21.


This dish was Gal's favorite. His aunt Michal used to prepare it for him every time he visited her. Gal also used to make this dish for his little sister Mika and his elder brother Raz.

The story of
Gal Mishaluf Z"L
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Packet of pasta, penne/spaghetti

1 tablespoon olive oil

Handful of cherry tomatoes

20 halved green olives

Some oregano

Some nutmeg

3 drops sesame oil

250 ml (about 8.45 oz) double cream

Parmesan cheese to taste

Salt and pepper

Upgrade: Add a teaspoon of pesto to the sauce.


1. Cook the pasta al dente.

2. In a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil, add olives and chopped cherry tomatoes together with oregano, a bit of nutmeg, and sesame oil.

3. Add double cream, salt, pepper, and as much Parmesan as you like and wait for it to simmer.

4. Add the pasta to the sauce, stir for 5 to 10 minutes, and serve.


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